If you’ve been looking for the latest and greatest advice on the internet for getting in phenomenal shape, losing layers of fat, and maximizing your muscle gains – Getting Fit Without Pain is for you.

You see, we believe it’s not just a matter of getting fit, big, and strong. There’s no use in getting all that if you are as stiff as a board, your joints swell up with inflammation, and you get injured whenever you go lift.

The key is – get fit without pain. There are ways you can build a great body safely and injury-free. By working out a little more carefully, you save weeks or even months of time that you would have to stay out of the gym to recover after an injury.

We look at all the best workout routines and exercises to bring you the ones that work for you. We have something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking to get bigger gains in the gym, or you want to get rid of chronic knee pain, Fit Without Pain is where you will find it.

There’s much more to fitness than just strength training. It involves stretching, injury prevention, keeping great form, and taking the right supplements (not to mention diet!).

If you’re ready to start improving your fitness safely and without pain – click here to browse our archives.