14 Day Perfect Booty Review: Two Weeks To Your Bubble Butt

Ladies, have you been looking for the fountain of youth? According to the product, we are going to review today, you may have been looking too far, too hard and spending too much money.

This product hypothesizes that a woman’s fountain of youth is her butt. Not any kind of butt. A bubble butt. A toned, tight, lifted bubble butt.

In addition, this program also asserts that if women continue to depend on exercise routines designed for men their fountain of youth will forever elude them.

This product aims to remedy that. The name of the product is 14 Day Perfect Booty.

14 Day Perfect Booty

14 Day Perfect Booty

The 14 Day Perfect Booty is an exercise routine program. The name of the program is a clear indication of two things. The first is that it targets the butt. The second is that it is designed to work in only fourteen days.

The program has one main goal – Build a tight and firm butt. The program focuses on one main factor to accomplish this goal. That factor is learning how to control the curve of the spine. According to Alli Kerr, for women, the curve of the spine is key to getting a toned, tight, lifted bubble butt. Alli is the program’s creator. Before we launch into her product, let’s find out more about her.

14 Day Perfect Booty

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Who is Alli Kerr?

14 Day Perfect Booty - Alli Kerr

Alli is a personal trainer and a fitness cover model. She has also competed in numerous fitness competitions. She has been in the health and fitness industry for over twenty years and owns her own personal training studio.

When she started competing in fitness competitions, success was elusive. She pressed the various judges for reasons why as she is not one to give up without a fight. According to the judges, her Achilles heel was her butt. All the winners had a tight and lifted tush. Her butt was flat and saggy. She had what is popularly known as Saggy Butt Syndrome.

Saggy Butt Syndrome

The saggy butt syndrome is when you wear pants and look as though you are wearing a saggy diaper as well. When you are not in pants, it looks like you have the butt of a very old person. Clearly not an appealing look.

The cause is related to muscle functionality. Certain key muscles are either too weak or too tight to provide the kind of definition a tight butt calls for. Those specific muscles are the glutes, the erector spinal, and muscles in the upper thigh.

The Effect of Saggy Butt Syndrome

The Effect of Saggy Butt Syndrome

This program identifies three groups of effects. They are physical, psychological and aesthetic. They include:

  • Lack of Shape & Curve in the Butt
  • Knee and Back Pain
  • Loss of Tightness and Firmness in the Butt & Thighs
  • More Visible Lumpy Cellulite
  • Skin Loosening
  • Decreased Sex Appeal
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Saggy pants
  • Lower Sex Drive
  • The Dreaded Pancake Booty
  • Saddle Bags
  • Deep Butt Crease where the butt meets with the thigh

Alli’s educational background is in kinesiology and exercises science. She recalls studying these muscle groups. What stands out for her though is that more attention was placed on the larger muscles i.e. the glutes. The smaller muscles were all but ignored i.e. the erector spinae.

Further research into the saggy butt syndrome and its effect on the female anatomy reveals that the smaller muscles are key to reversing the aforementioned syndrome or avoiding it altogether.

The Erector Spinae Muscle

The Erector Spinae Muscle


The Erector Spinae is a combination of three muscles. The Iliocostalis, Longissimus, and Spinalis. These muscles run from the lower skull region, parallel to the outer vertebra, and all the way to your pelvis. According to reviews, the Erector Spinae impacts spine curvature and the appearance of the butt.

You are blessed with the following when these muscles are either too weak or tight.

  • Sagging
  • Loose skin
  • Increased cellulite
  • Saddlebags
  • A flat butt

14 Day Perfect Booty Program Details

14 Day Perfect Booty Program Details

The 14 Day Perfect Booty is a digital program. It comes in two parts.

  • Perfect Booty PDF Guide
  • Perfect Booty Exercise Video Library

The Perfect Booty PDF Guide

The Perfect Booty pdf guide is your reference guide. It contains all the scientific research and associated information that was used to create the program.

The Perfect Booty Exercise Video Library

The Perfect Booty exercise video library contains fifty-six videos. The videos are accompanied by easy to follow instructions. The routines are presented in a specific sequence. This sequence was selected specifically to hasten results. You are strongly advised not to break the sequence as this may compromise your results.

Who is the Program For?


Who is the Program For?

As noted earlier, a saggy butt is not just an aesthetic issue. It’s a physical and psychological one as well. That triple combination can ruin your life.

The ideal woman for this program meets some or all of the following criteria.

  • Has a great derriere they want to maintain or a flat butt they wish to build into a great butt.
  • They also want to avoid complicated exercise routines that call for bulky weights and exercise equipment.
  • In addition, they want to stop paying for butt pads and cellulite cream.
  • They also don’t want to follow any extreme diets.
  • Finally, they want to look good and feel great.

What Makes this Program Great?

What Makes this Program Great?

  • It is specifically designed for a woman’s body – Men and women are different anatomically. For example, a woman’s pelvis is wider than a man’s. For this reason and others like it, exercise routines must be different. Especially if a woman wants to get a bubble butt.
  • It works on all body types regardless of genetic influence – The muscles this program targets are in all women regardless of their genetic inheritance.
  • Workouts are only twelve minutes in length – This is great for the busy schedules many women have. While every effort should be made to work out, it is not always possible to do so.
  • Common booty building mistakes are avoided – Committing to working out and seeing no results is depressive. This program ensures you are working out correctly and not just following a random program.
  • The routines are sequential – Unknown to many is the fact that there is a right way to work out. The routines in this program follow a specific sequence. This allows for faster results.
  • You can do the routines anywhere – Consistency is required for success. The routines in this program are flexible. They do not require you to be in a particular location.
  • It makes you look younger and feel great – Without going under the knife or subjecting yourself to crazy diets or harsh exercise routines.

Free Program Gifts

Your purchase of the 14 Day Perfect Booty comes with two free gifts. Those gifts are:

  • Booty Blast
  • Yoga Booty Flow

1. Booty Blast

Booty Blast

Once you get your firm butt, you’ll need to maintain it. This first gift will help you do that. It contains a workout serious that allows you to keep burning fat that likes to hide in the hips and the buttocks.

2. Yoga Booty Flow

Yoga Booty Flow

As the name implies, this is a yoga-inspired workout session. Nicole Juhl, a yoga expert put it together.

This video will introduce you to simple, easy to replicate body movements that tighten the butt. You also learn how to relax your mind and recover from your tough days. The video comes in two parts. It can be a stand-alone program or added to your current routine. Yoga inspired exercise sessions are perfect for those who are not fans of aggressive workouts

Sixty-Day Money Back Guarantee

This program was the perfect solution to Alli’s Achilles heel. Its success was confirmed when she clinched the Ms. Universe Figure title in 2008. She was also ranked fifth in the Ms. Exercise World Championships. Her best placement to date. Not only has this program worked for Alli, But It has also worked for many of her personal clients and others who have bought it.

However, the program comes with a money back guarantee for those who may not be satisfied with their results. The guarantee is for sixty days after purchase.


Booty Butt

According to Allie, the butt is the number one trouble area for women. This is only compounded by a second fact that she found. Men find women’s rear assets to be the most attractive.

Whether you want to simply look good in a pair of pants, feel younger or be attractive to the opposite sex, the 14 Day Perfect Booty program can address all those needs. This program is as effective as it is efficient. In addition, it can be incorporated into your current routine so disruption to your current routine is kept to a minimum or used as a stand-alone program.

This program not only targets women but a specific body part. Programs with this level of focus and customization result in higher levels of success. Multiple positive reviews and testimonials confirm this is indeed the case.

Let your search for the fountain of youth end here. Let the sixty-day money-back guarantee encourage you to act now. This program only needs fourteen days of your time in twelve-minute sessions. In that time you can try the program multiple times and build an ass you love and that everyone else loves too.

Perfect booty

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