Belly Melt For Women Review: How To Melt The Stubborn Belly Fat

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Every single person has belly fat, it’s normal, but it depends on the amount you have. The fats store in the right places; thighs, arms, face, and other body parts but ‘visceral fat’ is when the excess tissues, wraps around your organs; liver, heart, lungs, etc.

This is when the danger comes in. Excessive fat correlates with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and other illnesses. You are more prone to cancer, depression, and mental disorders. Before you can even be diagnosed with these sicknesses, you need to get rid of it, fast.

You gain more visceral fat when you uncontrollably consume unhealthy food.

How do you know when it is too much?

  • Bloated stomach
  • Eating more than 3 times a day
  • Consuming big amounts of food your body needs
  • When eating becomes a hobby (literally, some people consume because they are bored)
    and many more.

If you do these, it’s no surprise that as you step on the weighing scale, you will notice you more 3 or more pounds in less than a month. So, you start to exercise, diet, and other activities which claim to help you lose weight but it doesn’t work. Why?

woman eating a lot

Reasons You Cannot Get Rid Of Visceral Fat

The metabolic rate decreases as the personages. As the body matures, it needs more vitamins and calories. Have you ever notice how when you have a wound, it takes twice as long to heal? This is because of the tissues of an adult mature than that of a young child. So, the body’s calorie requirement increases as the metabolism declines.

When I was young, diet is the answer to maintaining my weight. I would sacrifice a few nights of no meals for dinner just to be able to lose weight. But now as I got into my 20’s, diet is not as effective as before. I have tried countless times but it still fails to give me the results I desire.

Food Intake
People say, Too much of something, is never good for you. Food is on the list too. When you consume processed food; canned goods, meals in fast food chains, etc – your health is at risk. So, doctors and nutritionist highly recommend maintaining a healthy diet. What if you are eating fruits and vegetables but you never lose weight?

There is an extent of how consuming fruits and vegetables are good for you. An overabundance can lead to nutritional deficiencies, bloating, abdominal and digestive discomforts. These are a few side effects and it can worsen.

The type of workout program you use is ineffective to your body. You need to base the exercise to your body’s extent to exert force. If you want to lose weight effectively through exercise, it should have a mix of cardiovascular and strength training.

An overweight woman will take longer to lose weight if she uses cardio workouts, alone. The trick to losing weight is by challenging your body’s capability. If you can do 2 sets of squats in 12 repetitions, increase the set to 3 or 4.

Negative Emotions
When a person feels stress or anxiety, the only way to cope with problems is through eating. But there is a scientific explanation to this, the cortisol is a type of hormone in the body, it increases the amount of fat by clinging to this. The cortisol activates more prominently when a person feels stress.

eating healthy

Overview of Belly Melt For Women

John Shein and Glen Richards’ “Belly Melt For Women” have significantly changed the perspective of reducing your belly fat. They have given an opportunity to women who gave up on getting rid of the visceral fat in their body.

If you are the woman who:

  • feels insecure about the excess fat
  • doctors told that losing weight naturally is impossible
  • was told that the only solution is to go through surgery
  • have done every possible treatment but still fails
  • has hormonal imbalance
    and other factors.

Then, ‘Belly Melt For Women’ is perfect for you! No, the solution will not end you up in the hospital bed, paying thousands of dollars to do the surgery. It consists of simple tricks which are life-changing for your health and well-being. With years of research on looking for the answer to getting rid of that humiliating excessive fat, I assure you that you will never regret investing your time and money on this program.

Get Belly Melt For Women Today, Get Rid Of The Stubborn Belly Fat, And Learn How To Do It In A Way That Feels Good With Your Body!

Besides the fact, you can purchase this cheaply, you will obtain other bonuses.


The Package

1. Desserts and Sweets for a flat stomach

If you think sweets means fat, think again. This includes a compilation of desserts you can make while maintaining a flat stomach. The ingredients would be sugar and preservative free, but it tastes the same as normal and sugar induce desserts. But just because it is healthier than normal desserts, it does not mean you should consume bigger amounts than normal. Remember, too much is not good for your health.

2. The You Diet Meal Plan

In order to maintain your weight, you should not deprive yourself of food or push yourself on exerting too much in exercise. Go for a balanced diet, but there are so many meal plans that it seems confusing on where to start. Don’t worry because John Shein and Glen Richards provided one for you! All you have to do is to know the minimum calorie count your body needs, input other information such as weight and height. Then, you are good to go. The Meal Plan helps you consume the food you would normally avoid when you are on a diet but in small amounts only.

3. What to order when eating out

Most people are busy to cook from home and opt for purchasing meals outside. The book aims to give you a rundown on the types of meals you need to avoid. Do you have an idea? The number one is to avoid fast food chains because the ingredients in the meals are all preservatives. So, it is hard to choose a meal and decide if it’s healthy or not. The book will teach you on the kinds which will give you the energy throughout the day and still be healthy in your body.

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John Shein and Glen Richards’ “Belly Melt For Women”, has been widely known for years. The book receives positive reviews day by day.

A review from Anne states how she has had her belly fat for more than 8 years because of giving birth to her 5 and 2-year-old children. She has lost hope of having a flawless flat belly until her friend gave the book as a present. As she read through the pages, Anne started to understand and follow the step by step instructions of the program. So, 6 months later, her body is that of a 25-year-old woman when she is actually, 37 years of age.

Other reviews indicated their surprise on the effectiveness of the program. Particular feedback from Megan told how she has been trying to conceive a child for years but the doctors told her, she cannot due to her weight. Displeased, she tried to exercise but it did not work. Megan did her own research and stumbled upon ‘Belly Melt For Women’ and the rest is history. Now, she has a healthy 5-year-old son.


  • Fast Results
    The reason why the program is quite popular is because of the fast results it gives. All you need to do is follow the instructions well and do the activities religiously. In a couple of weeks, you will notice a difference between your weight and health.
  • Health Benefits
    The “Belly Melt For Women” aims to help in the most natural treatment possible. Even a pregnant woman can follow this because it’s harmful from chemicals or strenuous activities. It promotes the use of natural herbs and eliminates surgeries or other drugs to lose fats.
  • Diet no more
    You do not have to feel deprived of not being able to eat the food you want. When you use the program, you will be able to eat anything you want (but with limitations).
    Starving yourself is the worst option on trying to lose weight, you will more likely see your belly sag than flattening.
  • Refundable
    When you buy the product but you are not satisfied with the results, you can email the customer support and ask for a refund. You do not even need to have a reason for your desire to refund.

Losing stubborn belly fat


  • PDF form only
    Many women who have tried John Shein and Glen Richard’s method have mentioned this issue. It’s such a great program that many desires to have a paperback of it.

I, myself, was amazed by the program. It gave me an opportunity to have the summer body I had, years ago. This is a must for every woman who desires to be the best she can ever be. What are you waiting for?

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