The 21 Day Sugar Detox Review: How Much Can You Lose In 21 Days?

Reviews indicate, that If you’re like most people, and most people are like most people, a few days after the clock struck midnight and announced the beginning of a new year you set about creating a New Year’s resolutions list.

A Nielsen survey that reviewed the most popular resolutions, says that you, just as most other people did, indicated staying fit and healthy and losing weight at the top of your list.

The fact that these two items keep recurring is a hint that you might be doing something wrong. This review will shed some light on what that could be and offer a solution. In the meantime, let’s go back to your plan.

Your New Year’s Resolutions Plan

The 21 day sugar detox workout

So you made a plan and set out to work on your resolutions. You started incorporating some exercise and altering your diet. To your diet, you might have added granola, oatmeal, dried fruit, protein bars, and pre-made soup.

You were determined to accomplish your resolutions. You stayed committed. Your level of commitment should have all but guaranteed results. Results that you expected sooner rather than later.

Something’s Not Working

The 21 day sugar scale

In the beginning, you did see some changes. When you stepped on a scale, the numbers started decreasing. You were elated. Shortly thereafter though, sooner than you were expecting, the numbers stopped decreasing. They started doing one of two things. Whenever you stepped on the scale, the number would either be the same as it was the last five times (the dreaded plateau) or even worse, it started increasing.

You tried everything that you could think of. You added more granola, oatmeal, dried fruit, protein bars, and pre-made soup to your diet. That didn’t seem to do the trick so you increased your exercising routines. Still nothing. Nothing you were doing seemed to be working. Why? What were you doing wrong?

It’s Not You, It’s The Food You’re Eating

When it comes to weight loss and staying fit and healthy, you are what you eat. As a result, nutrition carries more weight than exercising does.

You were not doing anything wrong. You were just set up to fail. Unbeknown to you, those so-called healthy options contain a surprising ingredient. Sugar.

Let’s see just how much sugar is in your so-called healthy options.

  • Yogurt with fruit – can contain up to 19 grams per cup.
  • Pre-made soup – can contain up to 15 grams of sugar per one and a half cups.
  • Granola bars – can contain up to 9 grams of sugar per bar.
  • Dried fruit – can contain up to 29 grams of sugar.

The above is but a drop in the bucket. If you review other products being marketed under the healthy food umbrella you will be surprised to find sugar, in all its many forms, listed as one of the ingredients. And all this time you thought you were selecting the healthier options. The creators of this program feel your pain.

What’s Wrong With Sugar

The 21 day sugar Effects of Sugar

Nutritional scientific reviews of the harmful effects of eating too much sugar have been found to include the following:

  • Increased risk for many diseases including obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer.
  • Compromised immune functions make you more susceptible to infection and illness.
  • Accelerated aging
  • Gum disease and tooth decay
  • Negative effect on behavior and cognition in children
  • Increased stress
  • Mental fogginess and sluggishness
  • Overall poor nutrition
  • Increased cravings

The Sugar Rules

The American Heart Association recommends the following limits with regards to one’s sugar intake.

  • Average adult women – Recommended sugar intake is 5 teaspoons (20 grams) per day.
  • Average adult men –  Recommended sugar intake is 9 teaspoons (36 grams).
  • Children – Recommended sugar intake is 3 teaspoons (12 grams).

So, if you’re an adult woman whose daily intake of sugar is capped at 20 grams. Who then decides to have a cup of yogurt with fruit for breakfast that might contain up to 19 grams of sugar. What would you be able to eat for the rest of the day? According to this, you would have to drink water for the rest of the day.

If the thought of being limited to nothing but water all because you had yogurt with fruit for breakfast is as off-putting as it should be, then, you will want to buy The 21-Day Sugar Detox™ Program and here’s why.

The 21-Day Sugar Detox™ Program

A review of The 21-Day Sugar Detox reveals that it is a comprehensive guide created to guide participants from all walks of life towards breaking free from the cravings brought about by sugar and carbohydrates all while eating real food in just 21 days.

The 21 Day Sugar Detox Program

Learn The 21 Day Sugar Detox Today, And See How Many Pounds And Toxins You Can Lose In Just 3 Weeks!

What’s Included In the Program

Included when you buy this program are the following.

1. The 21-Day Sugar Detox Quick Start Guide

An 80-page e-book that covers all of the basics from what you should know about the effects of sugar to what to eat and what not to eat and 20 recipes that will show you that food with less sugar does not have to taste like cardboard.

2. Modification Guides

The creators of this program realize that nutritional needs vary based on age, health goals, lifestyle, and illness. With this in mind, they included the following modifications guides to their program to address those varying needs.

  • Autoimmune Modification
  • Pescetarian Modification
  • Athletes – Energy Modification for Athletes
  • Pregnant and new moms  – Energy Modification for New Mom
  • Families with children – Energy Modification for Kids & Family

Modification Guides

3. Daily Detox Emails

Once you sign up for the program and indicate when you will be starting your 21-day detox, you’ll also get the ability to set yourself up to receive daily support via email. The emails will include motivational encouragement, tips, and recipes.

4. 21-Day Sugar Detox Audio Support Series

Not sure what to expect each day of the program? Not to worry. This program comes with 23 days of short, 15-20 minute MP3 recordings that tell you exactly what’s coming down the pipeline.

5. Community Forum & Support

Support is critical to your success. Recognizing this, the creators added a third option for support. A community forum comprised of expert moderators ready and waiting every day to answer your questions.

All items listed above are part of the basic package. If you opt for the Plus package you will also get the following.

6. The 21-Day Sugar Detox™ Guide Book

A 240 paged printed copy of The 21-Day Sugar Detox™ Guide Book

If you opt for the Premium package you will also get all the items listed above and in addition, the following.

7. The 21-Day Sugar Detox™ Cookbook

A 240 paged cookbook filled with mouth-watering recipes that are simple and easy to follow.

What is the Best Option For Me?

Unlike other programs that only provide one option, The 21-Day Sugar Detox™ has been created with three package options. You get to choose which works best for you. The three package options are – Basic, Plus, or Premium.

The Basic Package

The Basic package includes the following

  • Quick start ebook guide
  • Modification ebook guide
  • Audio support series
  • Daily detox emails
  • Access to the online member support forum

The Plus Package

The Plus package includes all that is in the basic package plus

  • A 240 paged 21-Day Sugar Detox Guide Book

The Premium Package

The Premium package includes everything in the Basic and the Plus package plus

  • A 240 paged 21-Day Sugar Detox Cookbook

Why You Want to Buy this Program

Fighting Sugar

Scientific research published in the Public Library of Science has found that sugar is more addictive than cocaine.

If you’re constantly assailed by cravings and want to conquer an addiction that is proclaimed to run in the same league as cocaine, you will require help. The 21-Day Sugar Detox program is the help you have been looking for.


The 21 day sugar fitness happy girl

The 21 Day Sugar Detox™ is a comprehensive yet simple and easy-to-follow guide. The modifications included in the program make it such that anyone can adapt it to their current situation.

Where most diet programs fail, this one doesn’t as you get to eat real food and if you’re unsure of how to cook meals that eliminate sugar, the recipe guides will help you figure it out. In addition, there is more than adequate support to help you see the program through to the end.

Though it’s only 21 days, breaking a sugar addiction is tough. You’ll have to stay truly focused and committed if you want to see results.

Nothing good comes without working for it and nothing great comes without sacrifice. The sacrifice you make here to change your lifestyle though, will not only have you looking great but feeling great too. Prepare to say goodbye to cravings and cravings resulting in stress and mental fogginess just for starters.

Furthermore, The 21 Day Sugar Detox™ will leave you in charge of the sugar as opposed to the sugar being in charge of you. This means you will be able to have some sugar, just on your terms. Definitely a win-win.

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