Thyroid Diet And Lifestyle Program Review: Best Diet For Thyroid?

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland around your neck. Its purpose is to help the rest of the cells do their roles. This is to maintain your body’s function to work. You can compare your thyroid gland the same as a tool inside a clock, once one is not working, all the other parts will malfunction as well.


There are two types of thyroid abnormalities; Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism. Hyperthyroid is when it produces too much thyroid hormones all over the body. Symptoms such as anxiety, weight loss, sleep deprivation, excessive sweating, body tremors (which normally occurs in the hand and arms), and many more.

Meanwhile, Hypothyroid is the opposite, the organ produces less than the average thyroid hormones a person needs. In this case, the person gains more weight and will find it difficult to lose weight, prone to depression, irritability, memory loss, and many more.

So, most doctors recommend removing the thyroid gland in order to reduce the chance of cancer. It will also help in eliminating the pains the person feels around the neck and body. But removing this means the person will be dependent on prescribed medications (since the thyroid gland is removed completely). Medications would be the reason why a person who has no thyroid gland, can function.

But is there no other way? There must be a route which doctors are not telling of. You got that right! Most doctors deny the fact that there is a more natural treatment for the body. This is why Sally Baker, the author of “Thyroid Diet And Lifestyle Program” aims to accomplish, to share the secret to treating thyroid.

About The Author

Sally Baker is a victim of Hyperthyroidism. Years of sweat and tears have made her who she is now, an author with a message to thyroid victims as well. When she first started feeling something’s wrong inside her body, she went to the doctor’s for a checkup immediately. But the doctors could not see what was wrong and think of her as paranoid. Until Sally Baker pushed a doctor to take a blood test and there they found out, she is diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism.

breaking the bad news

It is frightening when the only suggestion you receive is surgery, taking out your thyroid gland and being dependent on medicine. But she did not have a choice and got on with it. Sally Baker had tests; biopsy, RAI, and more. She had to take more than three drugs, every single day for the rest of her life.

After the surgery and tests, she felt her body has something wrong again but the doctors cannot detect it. She has spent more than a hundred thousand dollars for her surgery and medications, and more at that. What she did was research on the most natural remedies for your thyroid, to be able to spend less and not be dependent on drugs.

Now, She has published her book and has helped thousands of people.

What Is “Thyroid Diet And Lifestyle Program” About?

With the help from professional researchers and doctors, Sally Baker has accumulated all the information you need in order to fight back your hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. In fact, even a person who is not diagnosed with thyroid diseases can use the program in other matters.

The program aims to give a solution to every people in need of guidance, without the advice of doctors who would tell that medications is the only answer. The author desires to make a change, and her program will change lives. She yearns to be a part of every people’s (who has a thyroid problem) life, to guide and awaken them from reality.

The book is not any basic nutritional guide, it is a step by step program on making a healthy you. Its’ aim is to give the easiest solutions for people who has thyroid problems, real results to aid you in maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.


Contents of “Thyroid Diet And Lifestyle Program”:

  • Overview of thyroid glands and its importance to your body
  • Different types of thyroid diseases and their symptoms
  • Reasons doctors cannot detect your thyroid problem, at first
  • Benefits and demerits of using taking medications for your thyroid
  • Reviews on the most effective treatment for you
  • Hinder the development of thyroid problems early on
  • Foods which are healthy but unhealthy for thyroid
  • Food rules in contributing to your body’s health
  • Lose weight. naturally
  • Exercise plan perfect for people who have little time to do so
  • Ways to strengthen your energy and metabolism

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How To Cure Thyroid Problems?

Doctors say, there is no cure to your thyroid problems but it is only in the case of using medication. An alternative treatment is the best bet for having a free life from thyroid problems. Drugs have not been here from the very beginning, treating illnesses back then is through natural herbs and no medications at all.

People think, just because drugs are scientifically proven it means it is good for your health. Drugs will always have side effects, people with thyroid uses medications and the effect would be the change of mood or eating habits, sometimes worse such as the abnormality in the nervous system occurs.

healthy meal

The best bet is to move to a natural lifestyle. There are a lot of ways to cope with your thyroid problems but I will only mention five which are:

Eat vegetables
Green food has a vital role for people who have any diseases. When a person has hyperthyroid or hypothyroid, eating vegetables every single day is a must. Professionals have mentioned that you need to wash the vegetables thoroughly before eating it. In fact, it is highly recommendable to soak the vegetables in water with salt for a few minutes. This is to eliminate bacteria staying inside the vegetables.

Cooking kale, well
Salads is highly forbidden for people with thyroid problems. Any raw vegetables or food is the wrong way to eat it, you need to cook your food well to maintain its’ healthy condition. You should also minimize your consumption of kale.

Speed of eating
People with thyroid has a lot of do’s and don’ts such as to only drink water after you have eaten, munch your food slowly because you might have a hard time digesting and swallowing it. Finally, to eat in small amounts so that your food digests well.

Butter is dairy and doctors warned that thyroid patients should stay away from it. But, in this case, keep eating butter. Your endocrine can aid your thyroid into producing the right amounts, imagine a person guiding an old man to cross the street. The person is the endocrine and it needs butter to be more active (or any dairy).

Avoid the use of phones and any gadgets. If back then you use it the whole day, cut it back to half or 1/4 a day. The radiation can make your hypothyroid or hyperthyroid active, and as much as possible, we want to avoid that.


doctor and patient

What Do You Get?

Besides the “Thyroid Diet And Lifestyle Program”, the author wants to give more possibilities to potential clients. When you buy the program, you will also receive the following:

Food and Exercise Journal
In this book, it includes the best kind of food for people with thyroid problems. You will be informed about cooking meals which maintain the production of thyroid glands throughout your body. Exercise is vital to a person’s diet to a great lifestyle.

The program is also a journal, wherein you can input the meals and kinds of exercise you have done in the day. Then, as time passes by, you will see your improvements and the best techniques for you.

Basal Metabolic Chart
Meanwhile, this chart helps you measure the level of your thyroid glands activity. If you eat healthily and exercise, your thyroid would be in a normal range (which means it produces the right amount of thyroid glands) but if you do not, it will have abnormal level ranges inside your body.

How To Live a Stress-Free Life
Stress is known to worsen the state of your thyroid problem. The only way to cope with it is to calm down and forget any stressful problems but sometimes, it is hard to do so. In this program, you will be given steps on how to maintain your stress to a minimum. Techniques such as breathing methods or meditation are best to forget the stress for a little while.

My Kitchen
In this program, you will see the contents in the author’s kitchen. She will also advise people on the simple meals she loves throughout the years. It also aids in the kind of brands which is more healthier and cheaper for your thyroid treatments.

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Knowledge is key to cure any diseases in your life, Thyroid is no different. The book has given hundreds of people a new light, that it is possible to save money and live healthy, in a natural way. It has received positive reviews from all over the world

A review from Joey who has had hypothyroidism for years boasts on the effectiveness of the program. After his surgery and medications, he got tired and wanted to find a way out of it. Joey found the book and started following the techniques, now, his body feels healthier and more active in sports when he is already 34!

The natural way is the only method which is harmful to a person’s body.


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